Here’s another difference with us, we build in great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from the start! It’s not rocket science – really. All you need is a well build website with all the bells and whistles that the search engines like and you’ll rank great. Our approach works with many number 1 ranked websites!

All our websites are search engine friendly!

After having built more than a hundred highly ranked websites we know what we need to do to get your site ranking well within the search engines. Unlike other companies that charge you extra to perform SEO we do it from the beginning, and then we keep tweaking it all the time. We think it’s ridiculous to charge extra for most businesses to charge extra for SEO. It’s like buying a nice shiny new car then having to pay extra for the key!

Marketing Madness

If you need a bit extra marketing, then that’s where social media and local advertising comes in. We can implement marketing campaigns using paid advertising on social media and the search engines as well as designing adverts for placement on local advertising mediums including print and online.

Oh and did we mention we also happen to own several local networks where you can place your ad for free!

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