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We are a full service digital agency offering all digital design and marketing services across Okinawa.

What We Do Best

We are experts at getting your business online at a price you can afford.


Need a new logo or a whole brand refresh, no problem!

Web Design

We can help with any web design project no matter how big or small

Search Engine Optimization

Have a website that isn’t performing? You need SEO. Ask us how. 

Content Strategy

Part of building your website is working out how to rank well. 

Information Architecture

Have more complex IT needs? We have over 20 years of experience. 

Business Consulting

We’ve been in business in Okinawa for 12 years. We can help launch or improve your business.

Work with a Team of Talented Design Ninjas

We have Japanese and native English speaking staff ready to help with your project. We can also assist with Chinese work.

Web Design Made Easy

We take a completely different approach to web design. A website is an organic growing representation of your business, therefore we believe it should be nurtured continuously. On all plans except our most basic we include ongoing support for updates and changes to your website. 

Why Are We Different?

Custom websites to fit your business

Every business needs a website now, there’s no doubt about that. So traditionally you go off to a web company and they make you a nice shiny design, take your money then off they go to the next customer. Or they take your money, then take some more money every month to support the work they already got paid for! Hmmm…

That doesn’t work for us.

Our set up fee starts from just ¥29,990 with low cost monthly support options. This means that we have a vested interest in making sure you are happy and supported or we don’t get paid for most of the work that happens at the beginning of the project.

Also, many features needed to grow your website need ongoing support in any case. Search engine optimization (SEO) needs regular work as does Search engine marketing (SEM) and that’s the tip of the iceberg. Common support issues include email, website updates (by the way we do those free as well), upgrades and much more. Quite simply, we’re better!

Only What You Need

and nothing more…

We are experts in providing exactly what you need to grow your business. We say “expert” because we have more than 15 years of IT and business experience at high levels within blue chip organisations and have spent more than 5 years refining our approach to websites and business.

We know what works and what doesn’t. If a simple website is enough for you we’ll tell you, if you need a shopping cart or a special desing for your business then we’ll explain why and make the business case for why it will help you.

Put it this way, would you rather buy a car from someone who has driven the car model you’re looking at for 5 years and knows everything about it, or a salesman who only knows what the books tells him!


Simply THE BEST!

Our aim is to provide absolutely the best customer support you will ever experience. Our servers are monitored 24x7x365 in every location with 99.9% uptime. Although unlikely, any problem with your website will be dealt with within minutes 24 hours a day!

For changes to your website, we provide up to 1 hour of change time included within your monthly fee. So anytime you need to change a product, price or description just let us know and we’ll normally get these done within 24 hours.

Whatever you need, we promise to treat you like a VIP and give you the best support for your business.

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